Project Highlight: Mobile IMAI

The World Health Organization publishes a series of evidence-based guidelines, the IMAI District Clinician Manual, that focus on symptom-based management. These guidelines empower clinicians in managing complex severe illnesses, even with very limited resources.

The only catch is distribution. Coming in at 1284 pages across two volumes, the IMAI District Clinician Manual, while an excellent reference, is difficult to use at point-of-care. We saw a simple solution: deliver the guidelines over mobile.

Partnering with AgileMD and the IMAI-IMCI Alliance, we are in the process of converting all 1284 pages into short, mobile optimized guidelines, accessible on Android, Apple and Windows devices. The application, provided by AgileMD, is optimized for point-of-care, allowing clinicians quick access to the information they need the moment they need it.

Mobile offers additional advantages. Distribution cost for resource-constrained settings can be substantially reduced. Updated content can be rapidly pushed to users. Country and hospital-specific guidelines can be distributed as quickly as they are developed. Data collection on mobile enables feedback and surveillance. Partner organizations can expand on our content to target their specific needs.

Rollout begins this summer, with a pilot user group at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. We will continue publishing updates as the pilot progresses.
We want to thank AgileMD, the IMAI-IMCI Alliance and the WHO. Without the cooperation of these organizations, this project would not be possible.