We believe that by providing health workers with the right mix of capabilities, opportunities, and motivation, we can improve patient care in Uganda.

Health care providers must be engaged and empowered to achieve lasting results. Our program builds cultures of excellence at hospitals by enabling collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

A high standard of health care can be achieved anywhere. We are committed to supporting hospitals across Uganda as they improve care for their patients.

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Building capacity, not replacing it

We believe deeply in a health system run for and by Ugandans. Everything we do is focused on building local capacity.

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Low Cost per Outcome

We strive to maximize outcomes achieved per dollar by improving the use of existing resources. Lots of things have changed recently: we are calculating updated cost of outcome figures, and will release them soon.

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Wherever the Evidence Leads

We incorporate research into our program, in order to guide our decision-making and rigorously establish our impact. To date, we have not conducted a rigorous impact evaluation of our program. However, preliminary research demonstrates strong potential for our approach. We are constantly expanding our program knowledge, and base our work on the best available evidence on care in resource-constrained settings and health worker behavior change.

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Note: This is a composite of observed issues in care in different wards and hospitals in Uganda, and does not reflect the care being provided in the image. Image © World Health Organization. Used with permission.

Emergency medicines are in stock but locked away, and the night nurse doesn’t have a key.

Patient has a severe but manageable condition that hasn’t been prioritized.

Patient should be put on oxygen but the O2 cylinder ran out and the refill order was placed late.

Doctor is fully trained but lacks vital signs measuring equipment, limiting his ability to diagnose patients.

Nurse has no forum to share her opinion, leading to a missed opportunity to improve care.
© Walimu

© Walimu