Walimu's Quality Improvement Platform

In low-income countries, 80% of patient deaths from severe illness could be prevented through improvements in basic hospital care. Our platform drives early detection, accurate diagnosis and rapid treatment of the severely ill.


Understand barriers

We conduct a hospital assessment and staff interviews to identify important barriers and gaps that are preventing the delivery of high quality health care to patients.

Enable Improvement

We train hospital staff on severe illness care and then set up a quality improvement team to implement a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle with coaching from Walimu mentors.


We track and report on key patient care indicators to hold hospital teams accountable for delivering the same high quality of care, for each patient, every visit.


Understand BARRIERS

Each hospital faces a unique set of barriers to delivering high-quality care. We first conduct a hospital assessment and focus groups, using Walimu's standardized tools, to understand and prioritize those barriers. This information is used to guide training and develop a hospital quality improvement plan.

Often the problem is not resources, but attitudes and processes. During one assessment, a severely ill patient was in urgent need of oxygen. There were several oxygen cylinders in the hospital store - just none on the ward. The patient died before the oxygen reached.  



We train hospital teams on how to care for the severely ill and work with each hospital to set up a quality improvement team, which run bi-weekly Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles to assess progress, identify barriers and develop local solutions.

We provide a range of interventions to support these teams, including assistance in drafting an improvement plan, training on change management, regular check-ins with mentors, and access to simple, life-saving equipment.


Establish Accountability

We track quality of care for patients at the hospital and report a set of simple, intuitive indicators to tell health workers and their supervisors how they are performing. We deliver these reports during Plan-Do-Check-Act meetings, as well as through text messages and an online dashboard.

We work closely with the hospital managers as well as the Ministry of Health, Quality Assurance and Clinical Services Departments to ensure gains are achieved rapidly and then embed gains into standard practice at hospitals.


Interested in improving quality at your facility?

Walimu provides best-in-class technical assistance to Ugandan partners interested in improving health care quality at their facility. Walimu can develop a custom solution - including training and access to our quality improvement platform - to drive care improvement. Our team has expertise in emergency triage, severe illness management, infection prevention and control, case management of Especially Dangerous Pathogens (such as Ebola and Marburg), the clinicians role in surveillance, and facility outbreak preparedness.

Our partners include:


Achievements and Impact

Delivery Metrics

Facilities with QI implementation: 11
Facilities trained: 27
Health workers trained: 949

Process Changes

A pilot study in Kasese District found our platform led to a 38 percentage point increase in vital sign measurement.


A study by one of our doctors found the severe sepsis care protocol Walimu promotes can decrease 30-day mortality by 26%.