At Walimu, we are committed to building the capacity of Ugandan hospitals to care for their patients. We bring extensive expertise in health care, research, and tech to achieve durable changes in patterns of practice.



Nathan Kenya-Mugisha, MBchB, MMed, and MPH

Dr. Kenya leads Walimu as Executive Director, providing the vision, direction and drive to advance our mission of high quality care for the severely ill in Uganda. Dr. Kenya has cared for Uganda's patients over a long, distinguished career, most recently as Acting Director General of the Ministry of Health, Government of Uganda. Dr. Kenya has been deeply involved in the development, testing and scale up of the World Health Organization IMCI guidelines in the 1990s and IMAI guidelines in the 2010s.

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Shevin Jacob, MD, MPH

Shevin manages technical aspects of Walimu's program as Medical Director, designing, developing and implementing training and quality improvement initiatives. Shevin is an expert in severe illness, particularly severe sepsis, and viral haemorrhagic fever, and has led a number of related studies and international initiatives. Most recently, he was deeply involved in the training scale up in West Africa in response to the Ebola epidemic. Shevin is faculty at the Department of Medicine, University of Washington.

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Luke Davis, MD

Luke manages Walimu's research portfolio as Research Director, designing, overseeing, and analyzing program implementation and evaluation to better understand the burden of severe illness and the best strategies for reducing mortality among severely ill patients. Luke is an Associate Professor at the Yale School of Public Health and the Yale School of Medicine, where he conducts implementation science research, with a particular focus on tuberculosis. Luke has been traveling to and doing researching in Uganda since 2005.

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Dr. Stephen Bukenya
NCD Technical Coordinator

Charlene Kanyali
Operations Officer